Use Planning Templates to Structure Your Day, Week, Sprint…

After finding a great daily planning template from Christopher at (thanks!), and later a decent weekly tear-off planner from Aldi, I decided to try my own hand at something to organize the whole month.

Tear-Away Week Planner from Aldi-Süd (3 July 2020)

Where’s the Benefit?

Though I do think the questions raised by a template play a central role in how useful the template is, for me the main benefit in using templates is that I get into a routine of thinking about certain things again and again. When you fill out planning templates for a day, week or month, you get into the habit of going through a mental checklist at regular intervals.

Hourly planner from the craft store Søstrene Grene

I tend to migrate through different templates a few times a year. But even after having left a particular template behind me, the effect usually remains that I think more regularly about certain things that I didn’t before. It’s a crutch that helps me build a rhythm until I can uphold one on my own, but at the same time a tool for organizing my thoughts I in a way I couldn’t without it.

I thought I would take a crack at it.

Why Should I Use Your Planner?

Maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe the topics it encourages you to remember are already on your game plan. But maybe, right now, you need just the level of cognitive prodding that this template lays out for you.

If this is the case, please download the pdf and print out copies to your heart’s desire.

Happy planning!