Why run a Jupyter notebook on your phone?

That’s a very good question. Maybe you’re in a hurry. Maybe you want to have a quick look at some files without taking out your laptop. Or maybe you’re just bored in the bus on your way to work…

Use Jupyter on Android via Termux

With the Termux app for Android you can install Python, Jupyter and a wide variety of Python packages from a Linux command line.

  • Start off by installing Python with pkg install python to get Python 3.
  • Then install Jupyter with pip install jupyter

The terminal will display a url on localhost with a port number and a key at the end of it. Copy this url into your browser, and voilá, Jupyter notebook!



For a more extended tutorial on this subject, see this great article by @leouieda:

The Jupyter logo was downloaded from the Jupyter Design Github repository