What is Termux?

It’s not a full-fledged Linux distro, but certainly enough to have some fun with!


With Termux Linux environment, you can run bash shell on your Android phone without rooting it. It’s great for cloning git repositories to your phone, writing simple automation scripts with Android functionalities, and more.

With the plug-in Termux:Widget, you also get a nifty box on the homescreen to run your favorite scripts with one click without having to open the app.

Also, Termux:API lets you access Android sensors like the accelerometer or light sensor and control device functions like calling, the flashlight or vibration.

Steps to SSH into the Termux Terminal

1. Install Termux Linux Environment

  • From Google Play Store, install Termux

2. Starting an SSH Server on Termux

  • Open Termux app
  • Set password for SSH access with the command passwd
    • Alternatively, use ssh-keygen to create a keyfile for more security
  • Run pkg install openssh
  • Run sshd -d to start an SSH server in debug mode
  • To make this easier, you can create a shell script to do this and run it from Termux:Widget on the home screen

3. Access Termux from Computer via SSH

  • From your computer, run ssh -p 8022 <androids_ip_address>
    • Look up ip address via Android settings -> about phone -> IP address
    • Alternatively from Windows, use Putty on port 8022
  • Enter password configured in step 2
  • You should now be connected!
  • Note that Termux:API functions do not work over sshd
    • This is due to permissions changes for background apps in Android 10 and is a real shame.