Last year I joined my first tabletop games meetup in Offenbach, Germany.

I got hooked on a rowdy German card game called Banana Bandido, and proceeded expanding my collection little by little :grin:

Before I joined the meetup, the world of gaming seemed rule-heavy and impenetrable to my only casual interest. But I’ve been having fun discovering games that liven up a get-together and make it easy to join in!

Have a look, and if you have any suggestions for new games, please comment!

:sparkles: = Favorite games with instructions on this website.

Banana Bandido 2-5 :boy: fast pace Banana generators, stick stealers and baboon’s butts: in this fast-paced card game, use any means necessary to collect the most bananas! bananabandido  
Durak :sparkles: 4-8 :boy: fast pace Gang up on (defenseless? :grin: ) opponents in this souped-up version of War for 4-8 players. durak  
Pigtail :sparkles: 3+ :boy: fast pace This Japanese party game is guaranteed to work even if even you’ve had one Sake too many… pigtail  
Spicy 2-6 :boy: fast pace Lie your way to the top with these beautifully illustrated, Korean-style cards numbered 1-10 in the suits wasabi, chili, and pepper. Kind of like the American game “BS”, but spiffier.    
President 4-10 :boy: fast pace Shed cards as fast as possible by winning tricks with single cards or multiples-of-a-kind. 2’s are high and the winner gets a fancy title :grin:    
Scopa! 2 :boy: fast pace In this traditional Italian two-player, use your numbered cards in the suits coins, sticks, swords and cups to match as many cards on the board as possible. If you sweep them all away: “Scopa!” (means broom), you get an extra point. scopa  
66 :sparkles: 2 :boy: medium pace Use memory and strategy in this traditional German game, and make tricks and combinations to reach 66 before your opponent! 66  
Pick-omino/Heckmeck 2-7 :boy: medium pace Dice-rolling game where you have to match the rolled numbers with numbered domino-like pieces on the table. Weird worm-and-chicken based theme, but if it’s fun, who cares? heckmeck  
Oh Hell! 3-7 :boy: medium pace This trick-making game is more about guessing how many tricks your hand can make than actually making the tricks themselves. Hands change incrementally in size throughout rounds.    
Blitz :sparkles: 2-7 :boy: relaxed pace Win by not losing! In this fun Blackjack predecessor, keep your lives to stay afloat. blitz  
Hive 2 :boy: relaxed pace Boardless boardgame for two players. Move your hexagonal insect pieces around the field to surround your opponent’s queen bee and win the hive. hive  
Garbage :sparkles: 2 :boy: relaxed pace Be the first to collect the cards A-10 on a 10-card grid. This easy (and fun) two-player is a good mindless accompaniment to conversation. garbage