Use memory and strategy to make tricks and reach 66 before your opponent!

66 is played with a 24-card deck, using only the nines through aces.

  • For added fun, you can use a German-face deck as pictured above, but an ordinary pack of cards will work just as well.
  • The game is played with 2 players.
  • A nearly identical Austrian variant played without the nines (Schnapsen), using only 20 cards.


  • At the start of the game, each player is dealt six cards.
  • A thirteenth card is uncovered an placed under the deck perpendicularly. This is the trump suit.
  • The game begins by the first player putting down a card.


The aim of 66 is to make tricks and announcements to accumulate 66 points before your opponent.

Making tricks

To make a trick, the opponent must play a higher card of the same suit or a trump card.

  • You are not required to follow suit or make a trick.
  • The player who makes the trick plays the next card.
  • After each trick, each player draws another card (until the deck runs out).

Scoring of Tricks

  • A:11, 10:10, K:4, Q:3, J:2, 9:0
  • You have to remember your points as you go. You’re not allowed to look at won cards during the game. This is why memory is a big aspect of the game.

Making announcements

Announcements (marriages) consist of a queen and king of the same suit.

  • You can make only make an announcement if it’s your turn to begin the trick. Announcements are worth the following points:
  • 40 points for an announcement in trump
  • 20 points for each non-trump announcement

Closing the deck

You can pressure your opponent by closing the deck (on your turn).

  • As soon as the deck is closed or runs out, players are required to make a trick or follow suit if possible. If the deck was closed, the closing player must win (by reaching 66)!
  • If they don’t, the opponent receives all the points they would have received, but at least two. Once the deck has been closed, the defending player does not get points for any tricks or announcements they may make from that time until the end of the round.

Exchanging a low trump

  • If you have the lowest trump card, you can exchange it when it’s your turn for the trump under the deck.

End of Game

  • If you think you have reached 66 points, just say “66” or “enough!” when it’s your turn to end the round. But watch out– if you don’t actually have 66 your opponent will get extra points!
    • Even if both players actually have 66, the first one to call it wins.
  • Scoring
    • If you make 66 and the opponent has 33 or more, you receive one point.
    • If the opponent has less than 33, you receive two points.
    • If the opponent has made no tricks, you receive three points.
    • If you say “enough!” but don’t have 66, your opponent gets at least two points, or however many you would have won if you had had 66.
    • Seven match points wins!