Design CAI user journeys with code snippets, external queries and audio playback.

CAI on Nodered?

There are several packages for Nodered out there for building bots with CAI products, such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex or the Telegram chatbot interface.

But why is no one using Nodered for Conversational AI design? Its rich visual UI and powerful low-code features allow for a crossfunctional design experience.

  • Utilize local browser TTS to “speak through” prompts and utterances
    • Path by path
  • Utilize code snippets to pre-sketch logic components for developers
  • Store complex or repeated processes in subflows
  • Include http calls and responses
    • To query live NLU models within your design
    • To query information/text services
    • Other external services relevant to design
  • Export flow to a machine-readable graph JSON
    • JSON can be postprocessed to calculate and list all possible flow paths
    • Statistics on longest and shortest path combinations

Download this flow